All you need to know about OAMTC


What is OAMTC?

The ÖAMTC is an Austrian non-profit organisation created in 1946 from the merger of the Österreichischen Touring-Club and the Österreichischer Automobil-Club. It counts almost 2 million members.

What are the missions of OAMTC?

The ÖAMTC offers a variety of services to its members such as roadside assistance, legal assistance, insurances or road traffic information. It also conducts automotive accessories reviews for its consumer associations and published monthly a magazine called magazine Auto Touring.

How OAMTC conducted its tyre tests?

The ÖAMTC works in partnership with other association such as the ADAC, the TCS, etc.
To conduct its tests, the ÖAMTC chooses its tyres according to the automotive market and its previous tests. 28 tyres per model are bought in 5 different stores in order to ensure a representative sample.

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