All you need to know about FIRMENAUTO



Created in 1994 in Germany, Firmenauto, is an automotive magazine made for professionals who own a vehicle fleet.

What are the missions of FIRMENAUTO?

The aim of Firmenauto is to help its readers to manage their fleet of vehicles, reduce their costs and choose vehicles adapted to their needs. To this end, Firmenauto publishes exhaustive market studies, statistics on expenses related to corporate vehicles, vehicle and tyre tests. The magazine is also interested in all issues related to corporate cars such as insurances, taxes, leasing, fuel management, etc. So, the Firmenauto magazine is a real decision-making tool.
Firmenauto is also recognised for its annual grand prix Firmenauto des Jahres (corporate vehicle of the year) awarded in partnership with Dekra the third largest inspection company in the world.

How FIRMENAUTO conducted its tyre tests?

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