Find out how rankings are calculated!

1- How Best-tyres works

Best-tyres ranks tyres from test results. Those tests are conducted by independent and recognised organisations (specialised press, automotive clubs, …) such as the ADAC, TCS or the OAMTC.

Even though test details are available on Best-tyres, a link towards the original test is available.

Best-tyres provides three types of ranking: by season, by size or by brand.

2- Ranking rules

In order to rank tyres, Best-tyres gives a score to each of them. The rankings provided by Best-tyres must respect the following rules:

  • Tyres from same brand and same model are put together even though the tyres are tested in different size (performance can change a little bit depending on size)
  • Only tests conducted during the last four years are taking into account in the rankings
  • For summer and winter car tyres, tyres need to be tested three times during the last four years to be included in rankings

3- Score calculation

For each test, Best-tyres rates each tested tyre. This grade corresponds to the tyre position from its original test (for example, if a tyre is in third position, Best-tyres gives a grade of 3 for this test).

For oldness to be taken into account in the tests, the grades are increased. In the light of the obsolescence of tyres and innovation, Best-tyres considers that the older a test is, the less its results are relevant.

Test year Increment grade
Actual year 0
Year - 1 0,5
Year - 2 2
Year - 3 3

Once the grades are increased, Best-tyres calculates the average of grades for the same tyre. This average is called “score of the tyre”, we can find it in the line called “score” or when you hover the cursor over the postion.

4- Results

The score determines tyres position in the Best-tyres rankings. The lowest the score obtained by a tyre is, the better its position is. The tyre with the highest ranking is the tyre with the lowest score.

5- Example of score calculation

Here is the detail of a score calculation for the Continental Contisportcontact 5 tyre (example of calculation the 05/09/2017)

Year Organisation Vehicle Season Size Position Grade Increment Grade Increased grade
2017 AUTO EXPRESS Car summer 225/40 R18 3/9 3 0 3
2016 ADAC Car summer 225/45 R17 1/16 1 0,5 1,5
ANWB Car summer 225/45 R18 1/16 1 0,5 1,5
AUTOKLUB CR Car summer 225/45 R19 1/8 1 0,5 1,5
AUTO ZEITUNG Car summer 225/45 R20 1/14 1 0,5 1,5
GTU Car summer 225/45 R21 1/14 1 0,5 1,5
OAMTC Car summer 225/45 R22 1/16 1 0,5 1,5
TCS Car summer 225/45 R23 1/16 1 0,5 1,5
2015 AUTO ZEITUNG Car summer 225/40 R18 3/14 3 2 5
FIRMENAUTO Car summer 225/50 R17 1/9 1 2 3
2014 ACE Car summer 225/45 R17 1/11 1 3 4
AUTO BILD Car summer 225/50 R17 4/50 4 3 7
AUTO ZEITUNG Car summer 225/50 R17 1/12 1 3 4
GTU Car summer 225/45 R17 1/11 1 3 4
Score (average of increased grades) 3